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Project IFC++

Open Source implementation of the product model standard IFC.
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Project "Tower"
Architecture- and Engineering Award Hamburg 2005
The draft shown below was designed for an interdisciplinary students competition held by the crafts chamber of hamburg in 2005. The task was the design of a tower for the iba 2013 (international building exhibition) in hamburg.
This contribution was designed by johannes oelschlaeger, jan voswinckel and fabian gerold.

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Prestressed concrete simulation
Interactive simulation and visualization of a prestressed concrete beam for e-learning purposes. The software can be used for educational purposes and downloaded here:

Prestressed Beam Application

The project was funded by the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the University of Applied Sciences, Konstanz, Germany.
The software won the first prize in 2010 of the competition "Auf IT Gebaut":
Damped Oscillation simulation tool
This tool visualises the damped oscillation of a one mass system and prints a diagram for displacement, velocity and acceleration.
Harmonic Force/Ground Excitation
This tool visualises the oscillation of a one mass system with harmonic ground or force excitation and prints a diagram for the force/ground displacement, mass displacement, velocity and acceleration.